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Tune Up

A well-maintained mower is just as crucial as a well-groomed lawn. Similar to how you can't skip a treatment or cut corners on watering, neglecting your mower's care will not result in a beautifully manicured turf. Regular maintenance not only prevents costly repairs but also optimizes performance and prolongs the life of your lawn mower.

Changing the oil and oil filter:
We will utilize a special oil extraction pump to remove the old oil and then we will add the required oil amount and oil type and a new oil filter. In some cases, depending how long it has been since the last oil change, we will utilize a special treatment to help break up the build up from the old oil

Installing a new air filter:
We will inspect your air filter. There are times that your air filter simply needs to be cleaned out. We will use forced air to clean debris out of your air filter and make it ready for the season.  In cases where the air filter cannot be cleaned,  we will replace it with a new one.

Replacing the fuel filter:
After running all year and sitting over the winter, replacing the fuel filter is a must in order for the engine to get the proper amount of fuel.  We will replace the fuel filter with the factory recommended filter. 

Swapping out the spark plugs:
The spark plugs are very important in a combustible engine. After a season of mowing, there can be deposits of carbon left over from the burning of the fuel. We will always replace the spark plugs to make sure your engine is running at peak performance. We will replace the plugs with factory recommended spark plugs and gap them according to your engine specification. 

Sharpening the mower blades:
Sharp blades are essential for a well-maintained lawn, reducing wear on the mower and providing a clean cut. Blade sharpening is crucial for maintaining the lawn's appearance and not allowing certain diseases to take over your lawn. We will remove your blades and sharpen them to the recommended angle of cut. In some cases, blades are beyond their useful life and must be replaced.  The technician will inspect the blades, and if new ones are needed, they will communicate with you, as blade replacement is not included in the price of the tune up.  

Cleaning Your Lawn Mower:
Regular cleaning prevents debris buildup, which can corrode the machine. We will use a high pressure washer to remove dirt and grass clippings from both above and below the deck as well as clean your mower so it is the nicest looking machine on the block. 

Basic Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule:
In addition to the annual tune-up, follow a regular maintenance schedule based on your mower's hours of use. This includes, after breaking in a brand new mower, an oil change after eight hours and every 50-hour interval after that. Lubrication every 50 hours and additional tasks every 100 hours.
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